Grade A Organic Mussels
Sustainable Rope Mussels From Roaringwater Bay

Wholesale Irish Mussels

All Atlantic Seafarms mussels offer a luxurious culinary and tasting experience. We supply through online sales, in addition to other platforms. Our mussels afford our customers a reliable, delicious, and wholesome product with a “Sea to Plate” sense of availability. The export market for our mussels is predominantly supplied in 20kg or 1T bags or pallets, as necessary.

Taste of the Atlantic

20kg Bags of Fresh Mussels

1 T Bags of Fresh Mussels



Ocean to Plate

Nature's Produce

The Product

At Atlantic Seafarms, we supply the commonly known Blue Mussel or in Latin what is known as Mytulis Edulis. The Blue Mussel is the most versatile and abundant of Irish shellfish, in addition to being a native species to our waters. This type of mussel thrives in the cold temperatures of the Atlantic Ocean and offers organic and sustainable growth methods to the farmer.

The Process

At Atlantic Seafarms, our mussels are grown in the sheltered and clean, Grade A waters (the highest quality of shellfish-growing water) of Roaringwater Bay. We utilise the sustainable longline rope system of cultivation for our mussels. Initially, the naturally sourced seed is collected by hanging spat collector onto these longlines. When the spat has grown to a sustainable size, it is then thinned and
socked onto other longlines to grow to harvest. 

The Taste

Atlantic Seafarms mussels incorporate everything inviting about the Atlantic Ocean into their taste. They are delicately firm and deliciously juicy, with a distinctive and unique meaty texture.  Our mussels are exceptionally simple, yet versatile and can be cooked and consumed in a variety of ways. Atlantic Sea Farms mussels promise to leave you immensely satisfied, yet eagerly awaiting the next batch.

Their natural ocean flavour, and hint of saltiness, are so compelling that you can never get enough.