About Us
Atlantic Seafarms is a locally owned, family run, Irish seafood business based along the scenic South West coast of Ireland.

Operating for over 20 years with a number of organically licensed rope mussel growing plots in Roaringwater Bay, our company is continuing to expand and supply premium Irish shellfish throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe.

Located in the southernmost bay in Ireland, our organic rope mussels are grown and harvested within the deep, clear Atlantic Ocean. The Grade A, protected waters of Roaringwater Bay provide the optimum conditions to sustainably and organically, grow our mussels. The sheltered, model location in which Atlantic Seafarms is based instil security, safety, and authenticity into our product.
We are privileged to have access to the natural nutrients of the Atlantic, which surround our mussels on a daily basis. The waters are monitored by the Marine Institute of Ireland, who carry out weekly checks for biotoxins, enabling us to supply shellfish of the highest quality, whilst ensuring that every Atlantic Seafarms mussel is a distinctive and enjoyable experience.

The directors of the company, Sean Collins and Sean Minihane, are both from the locality and are greatly experienced in this enterprise. Their natural appreciation of the sea, and familiarity with the community, enhance their passion for producing quality mussels and providing customers with a reliable service. At Atlantic Sea Farms, we are fortunate to have a diligent and devoted staff, all of whom have a deep connection to the area.

Our team

Sean Collins


Sean Collins from the Aughadown parish, in West Cork, has worked all his life in aquaculture and fishing. For many years he worked on fishing trawlers, in addition to fishing shrimp and crab. Later he developed into the promising mussel farming business, located along the stunning Southwest coast of Ireland, where he grew up.

In conjunction with the other half of Atlantic Sea Farms, Sean Minihane, he has been growing and wholesaling mussels in Roaringwater Bay for the past 20 years. The business has expanded in tandem with growth in the European shellfish market. Atlantic Sea Farms started out as a small mussel farm whereby the mussels were cultivated solely for export to France and has now grown into an established company employing six members of the local community, exporting mussels to the UK, France and other European markets.

Sean Collin’s love of family, the sea and the community are the strong reasons behind Atlantic Sea Farms’ success to date. His passion and dedication to the business are embodied by the mussels we produce, to the highest applicable organic standard.

Mark Salter-Townsend

Mussel Harvester

Mark is a hard-working and enthusiastic member of Atlantic Sea Farms. Brother-in-law to both Sean Collins and Sean Minihane, Mark has been working with the company for over three years now and is an asset to our team. 

Mark is also from the locality and worked as a mechanic for the majority of his adult life, transitioning into the family-run mussel farming business. Similarly, to the two Sean’s, Mark has a deep-rooted passion for the sea and aquaculture, growing up in the beautiful seaside village of Castletownshend, where he spends his leisure time fishing and sailing.

Kevin Minihane

Mussel Harvester

Kevin is son to Sean Minihane, and nephew to Sean Collins. He has grown up in Dublin, but spent almost every summer in West Cork, where he has worked as part of the crew in Atlantic Sea Farms. Kevin is an enthusiastic, energetic person who loves being on the water. With his lively personality and personable nature, Kevin never fails to entertain the remainder of the crew during a day’s work.

Niamh Minihane

Administrator, Marketing & Accounts Manager

Niamh is daughter to Sean Minihane, niece to Sean Collins, and brother to Kevin. After living abroad for almost two years, Niamh moved home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Shortly after her move home, she began working with Atlantic Sea Farms managing the accounts and carrying out various administrative and marketing duties. 


Similarly, to her brother Kevin, Niamh has grown up spending the majority of her summers in the beautiful West Cork and has a well-established love of the sea. She is a passionate, hard-working member of the Atlantic Sea Farms team and thoroughly enjoys working within a family-run, community driven company. 

The Crew

At Atlantic Sea Farms, we are fortunate to have a loyal and diligent staff, all of whom are from the surrounding community. Each member of staff brings their own strength and contributes to the business in their own way, which enables expansion and growth of the company. Atlantic Sea Farms consists of both part-time and casual workers, who work alongside the main team. 

At Atlantic Seafarms we are consistently striving to extend and grow, increasing our knowledge of the worldwide shellfish markets and building new customer relationships. We are in the process of expanding our current farm, with the licensing of new rope mussel plots within the bay. As we move forward and continue to expand our business, our mission remains the same. We will continue to deliver premium shellfish encapsulated by tradition, nature, and knowledge.


Atlantic Sea Farms mussel plots are nestled within the scenic, safe, uncontaminated waters of Roaringwater Bay. An area that is a safe haven for all sea life and aquaculture in its existence. We work to maintain and sustain the environment in which we are privileged to have our product grow in, resulting in the reproduction of our mussels for many years to come.


We are delighted to announce that on the 29th of April 2021, Atlantic Sea Farms received Organic Certification from Global Trust. Our efforts in the utilisation of reusable and environmentally friendly materials, in conjunction with our dedication to abiding by our environmental policy in order to maintain a safe and clean environment for our product to grow, have led us to achieve an Organic status for our mussels. The Grade A waters of Roaringwater Bay, which are closely monitored for disease and biotoxins by the Marine Institute of Ireland, provide the ideal growing conditions for shellfish. The ongoing monitoring of the waters in which our mussels inhabit enhance their safety and organic quality. Additionally, our longline rope mussels are continuously existing under water, enabling them to feed permanently.


Our use of organic, biodegradable, and reusable materials for the cultivation of our mussels, ensures and enables the sustainability of our processes and product. The inexistence of contaminants and pollutants in our waters, offer the prime environment for sustainable growth. Our operations have been shaped by our environmental consciousness, displaying our clear commitment and dedication to preserving the waters and aquaculture in existence here. Mussels are one of the most environmentally friendly types of seafood. Feeding on phytoplankton, they have constant access to their food source without any required intervention. No chemical treatment or feed is utilised in the cultivation of our mussels. Their purity is of the highest level and growing in Grade A waters allows our mussels to be sold for direct human consumption without purification.

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